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It’s Time to Start Living with Passion! Your Journey to Self-Discovery


“Passion is not something you stumble upon one day or an idea that drops into your head while you are meditating, praying, or journaling. No, it is the exact opposite. Your passion will be revealed when you are in the process of discovering and experimenting with career options, hobbies, and interests.”

About the Book
Much more than a passive, placating self-improvement book, this inspiring gem will genuinely change a reader’s life for the better. The first section of this book is filled with an honest and inspiring account of the author’s struggles to find passion and purpose. The second section is the reader’s very own personal workbook, designed to help them increase their self-awareness, clarify where they are in life right now, and discover how they can combine their talents, skills, and curiosity while building a life they love.

Solutions for Those Who Desire More Meaning & Purpose
When it comes to our careers and our lifestyle choices, too often we are swayed in directions that are not aligned with our passions because we fear other people will react with judgment or criticism. This book challenges the reader to follow what truly resonates with them. Jean Paul encourages everyone to follow their hearts, believe in themselves, and create their dream lives.

A True Resource for Those Who Are Seeking Something Different
This book is an ideal resource for anyone who is feeling stuck, burned out, or frustrated about their lives or careers. It is also intended for those who are about to embark on a career change, those with prospects for a new business venture, those seeking better work-life balance, and even those who want to pursue a personal, non-work-related goal.

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